Vanderbilt Biomolecular NMR Facility

Overview of Services

The principal mission of the Biomolecular NMR Center is to provide instrumentation for, and aid in obtaining data on the structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules. The Facility offers state-of-the-art instrumentation, training, software and assistance in designing experiments. We strive to help the Vanderbilt community realize the potential of biomolecular NMR and to work with NMR Spectroscopist to stay current with the most recent experimental approaches.

Our current instrumentation consist of Bruker AV-III spectrometers at 900MHz (1), 800 MHz (1), 600MHz (2), and 500 MHz (1). Cryoprobes for increased sensitivity on 1H and 13C are available on the 900, 800 and 600 MHz spectrometers. The 500 and both 600 MHz spectrometers are equipped with SampleJets for automatic sample changes of up to 600 samples, which is used for screening. The 601 instrument is primarily used for Fragment based screening while the 602 is a certified IVDr system for quantitative metabolome screens in biofluids.

All instruments can handle various sample tubes, e.g. the standard 5mm 7" or 8" tubes, as well as the 3mm 4" tubes using the match spinners. These tubes are available at the chemistry storeroom. Smaller tubes can also be used at special requests.

IMORTANT: iLab is used for billing purposes only. If you want to use the Biomolecular NMR Facility, please visit the scheduler and all the information at the Biomolecular NMR Web site here.


Core Staff

Dr. Markus Voehler
Director of Operations

Office:       615-322-1573
NMR Lab:  615-322-1570
Fax:          615-343-1234



Dr. Donald Stec
SC 1119 (Math Building basement)

Office:   615-322-6704
Phone : 615-343-9255 (Stevenson Center 1119 lab)

            615-936-5807 (MRB-IV Lab 12440)
Fax: 615-343-1234


Hours of Operation and Mailing Address

Hours Mailing Address


Vanderbilt University
Department of Chemistry
7330 Stevenson Center
Station B 351822
Nashville,  TN,  37235-1822

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Dr. Walter Chazin
Chancellor's Chair in Medicne
Director, Molecular Biophysics Training Program
Director, Center for Structural Biology
Director at Large, NMR Facilities


Dr. Charles (Chuck) Sanders
Associate Dean for Research in the Basic Sciences
Professor, Biochemistry
Scientific Director, NMR Facilities