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'The DORS project aims to provide centralized, professionally managed, enterprise-grade high performance data storage at a cost that is less than or equal to purchasing and maintaining local, entry-level storage, but without the added complexity and headaches of doing so.  DORS runs on IBM’s General Parallel Filesystem (GPFS), providing high-performance, parallelized throughput to ACCRE via native GPFS connections to all gateways and compute nodes.  Access to systems outside of ACCRE is supported by Clustered NFS (CNFS) and Windows file sharing (CIFS).  GPFS, CNFS, and CIFS are all configured with multiple redundant servers, providing automated transparent failover in case one server requires maintenance, or for carrying out rolling upgrades of system software with no downtime. The data is backed up nightly, to an IBM tape library using the Advanced Library Management System and Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) software.  DORS was funded by NIH S10 RR031634.


Paul SheldonProfessor of Physics and Astronomy
Faculty Chair of ACCRE

Alan TackettDirector
Technical Director and Lead Developer

Hunter HagewoodDirector
Director of Research Computing Operations








Patrick Bembry


(615) 343-2244

Kevin Buteraugh

Technical Support

(615) 875-9633

Bill Riner

Technical Support

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Roy Hoffman

Technical Support

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John Ritter

Technical Support

(615) 818-8208

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