Creative Data Solutions



Creative Data Solutions (CDS) is a Vanderbilt University Shared Resource that provides bioinformatics and research informatics services to the Vanderbilt community.

Please visit our website for details about our services. Email us at data _AT_ vanderbilt DOT edu to set up a consultation or fill out our contact form.



Our mission is to provide bioinformatics and informatics research services.

Our vision is to have a measurable impact on the ability of research investigators to both publish their work and obtain new funding.

Our Core Values

  • Promote bioinformatics and advanced computation to augment our ability to achieve a solutions-driven approach to life science problems.

  • Maintain a strong informatics skill-set necessary for unraveling and integrating datasets originating from various sources and technologies.

  • Developing visually pleasing and understandable mixed-media and visual solutions, in order to best communicate data and resulting knowledge.


Services offered

  • Genomics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Cloud and HPC computing
  • Programming
  • Software and database engineering
  • Data visualization


Name Role Phone Email Location
JP Cartailler
Director, Creative Data Solutions


9465 Medical Research Building IV 2213 Garland Avenue South Nashville, TN 37232