Due to ID Integration, all VU and VUMC employees must access iLab through their home institution with their VUNetID and ePassword.

Vanderbilt University Faculty, Staff & Students


Proceed with logging into VU iLab by clicking on the login button at the top right.



VUMC Employees
  Navigate to the following website for access to all Core Facilities.

Once you have logged into iLab, navigate to any core facility using the 3 bar (task menu top left). Click on Core Facilities.  You may have to change the View (on the right side of the screen) to "Cores at Partner Institutions" to see both VU and VUMC Core Facilities.

iLab Cores at Vanderbilt University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Creative Data Solutions

JP Cartailler jp.cartailler@vanderbilt.edu 615-322-6987
Vanderbilt Advance Computing Center for Research & Education (ACCRE) Core

Patrick Bembry patrick.bembry@vanderbilt.edu (615) 343-2244
Vanderbilt Antibody and Protein Resource (VAPR) Core

Vanderbilt Basic Science Poster Printing Core

Karen Perry karen.perry@vanderbilt.edu (615) 322-3835
Vanderbilt Biomolecular NMR Facility

Vanderbilt Cancer & Immunology Core

Caroline Roe caroline.e.roe@vanderbilt.edu 615-875-0965
Vanderbilt Cell & Developmental Biology (CDB) Equipment Resource Core

Anuj Rastogi (AJ) anuj.rastogi@vanderbilt.edu 615-343-6863
Vanderbilt Cell Imaging Shared Resource (CISR) Core

Vanderbilt Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) Core

Stacy D. Sherrod, Ph.D. stacy.d.sherrod@vanderbilt.edu
Vanderbilt Center for Structural Biology Cryo Electron Microscopy Facility

Emma Pacilli emma.pacilli@vanderbilt.edu (615)343-3182
Vanderbilt Center for Structural Biology Labs and Instrumentation Facility

Arina Hadziselimovic arina.hadzi@vanderbilt.edu 615-936-5686
Vanderbilt Chemical Storeroom

Jackie Brown jackie.brown@vanderbilt.edu (615)322-2581
Vanderbilt Chemistry Powder X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) Core

Janet Macdonald janet.macdonald@vanderbilt.edu (615) 322-2719
Vanderbilt Genome Editing Resource

Jennifer Skelton jennifer.skelton@vanderbilt.edu 615-936-3454
Vanderbilt High Throughput Screening Core Group

David Baughman david.baughman@Vanderbilt.Edu (615) 875-8741
Vanderbilt Institute for Space and Defense Electronics (ISDE) Radiation Effects Core

Chrystal Fizer chrystal.fizer@vanderbilt.edu 615-343-3019
Vanderbilt Institute for Spatial Research

Natalie Robbins, PSM natalie.n.robbins@vanderbilt.edu
Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (VINSE)

Sarah Ross vinse@vanderbilt.edu 6153436868
Vanderbilt Mass Spectrometry Research Center (MSRC) Cores

Amanda Renick-Beech amanda.renick@Vanderbilt.Edu
Vanderbilt Materials Durability and Environmental Research Facilities Hub

Lesa Brown mderfh@vanderbilt.edu 615-343-0509
Vanderbilt Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MMPC)

Eann Malabanan mmpc@vanderbilt.edu (615) 343-1065
Vanderbilt Mouse Neurobehavioral Lab (MNL) Core

Fiona Harrison
Vanderbilt Neurovisualization Lab

Jose Maldonado jose.maldonado@vanderbilt.edu 615-337-0830
Vanderbilt Physics Machine Shop

John Fellenstein john.fellenstein@Vanderbilt.Edu 615-322-2770
Vanderbilt Small Molecule NMR Facility Core

Vanderbilt Structural Biology Computer Support Center

Jarrod Smith jarrod.smith@vanderbilt.edu (615) 322-1739
Vanderbilt VBI Instrument Core

Anuj Rastogi (AJ) anuj.rastogi@vanderbilt.edu 615-343-6863
Vanderbilt VBI Neurochemistry Core

Ginger L. Milne, Ph.D. neurochemistry-core@vanderbilt.edu (615) 936-5611
Vanderbilt VICB Molecular Design and Synthesis Center (MDSC)

Kwangho Kim kwangho.kim@vanderbilt.edu 615-322-8035